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Windell's Carpet Care has been providing exceptional residential and commercial carpet cleaning services in southern Indiana since 1970. We use a Bane Clene truck mounted system that cleans deep and dries fast while sanitizing and deodorizing carpet. Our cleaning solution does not include any harsh or harmful chemicals.

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Professional Care Since
Commercial Carpat Cleaning

Commercial Carpet Cleaning

We offer special contracts for commercial work including discounts for: Contracts for regular cleaning, Church discounts, Harrison County Chamber of Commerce members

Residential Carpet Cleaning

Residential Carpet Cleaning

We offer free estimates and a variety of programs including: Whole house discounts, Senior citizen discounts, Seasonal discounts, Volume discounts

Vent Cleaning

Air duct Cleaning

Cleaning the air ducts of your HVAC system, you can remove contaminates and allergens from your home.

Powerful Cleaning Process

Professional Care Since

We use a Carpet Steamer cleaning system with a chemical-free, detergent-based cleaning solution that contains both sanitizing and deodorizing agents.

Our cleaning solution is heated to approximately 160°F and is delivered at approximately 110 psi, ensuring that the contaminates are separated from the carpet and the fibers are sanitized. It does not melt the carpet fibers or separate the carpet fibers from the backing. The average drying time is 1-4 hours. We remove 90-97 percent of the moisture that we put into the carpet.

We use self-contained Bane-Clene Way® Equipment and detergents. They’ve been in the floor cleaning business even longer than we have – since 1962. We bring everything with us – and take everything with us when we leave. Unlike many other carpet cleaner systems, we do not use your water or sewer. ​


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